Andre 3000 and other celebs who lost their mothers

Yesterday, news traveled across the Web that OutKast rapper Andre 3000’s mother, Sharon Benjamin Hodo, was found dead in her Rex, Ga., home. Very few details are known about her death, but several music industry luminaries, including members of the Dungeon Family, shared their condolences about the loss of Andre’s mother, whose passing comes, sadly, […]

Celebrities who kiss their dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. They love the attention they receive from their people. However, some people may be taking puppy love to a whole other level. We’re not talking about a quick peck on the head, we mean mouth to mouth. Celebrities are often seen out sharing some of these affectionate moments with their furry four-legged pals. See […]

Bond girls then and now

A James Bond movie would not be complete without a Bond girl. From the beginning, these beautiful women have paved the way for actresses today. The best-known characteristic of the Bond girls apart from their beauty is their pattern of sexually suggestive names. Check out these now and then photos of famous Bond girls.

Celebrities Who Removed Tattoos, and Those Who Need To

Some celebrities whose upper torsos are completed coated in multicolored ink have no choice but to make it because they cannot make it in corporate America if they fail at their entertainment gigs. Others made the decision to remove their tattoos after becoming sick of them, because they hurt job and endorsement prospects, because they […]

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