Cast your vote at Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Center for Civil and Human Rights (CCHR), announced today that it is now officially a polling location. With approval by the Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections, registered voters in District 4F are now able to vote at CCHR in all elections. The Georgia primary runoff on July 26 was the first election […]

Ugandan refugee Derreck Kayongo named CEO of Center for Civil and Human Rights

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc. on Friday, Dec. 4 announced Derreck Kayongo as its new CEO, effective immediately during a morning press conference. A well-known corporate social entrepreneur, Kayongo personifies the spirit of “being the change you wish to see.” His own story as a Ugandan refugee fuels his passion for social […]

Social entrepreneurship in Africa: China takes the lead, Americans missing out?

Social entrepreneurs drive social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development. They pursue poverty alleviation goals with entrepreneurial zeal, business methods and the courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices. A social entrepreneur, similar to a business entrepreneur, builds strong and sustainable organizations, which are either set up as […]

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