Laz Alonso apologizes for Donald Sterling comment

Laz Alonso’s Donald Sterling apology Laz Alonso is apologizing for offering his opinion on Donald Sterling without being fully informed. As previously reported, Alonso was bombarded with criticism after shrugging off Sterling’s “don’t bring blacks to my games” comments and attributing it to a “dude feeling insecure.” “Making racial comments when either #roadraging or #arguing […]

Laz Alonso asks ‘what’s the big deal’ about Donald Sterling, Twitter reacts

Laz Alonso’s Donald Sterling comments Laz Alonso is currently receiving the Tyrese Gibson treatment on Twitter for asking his followers what the “big deal” was about Donald Sterling. While the rest of the world was reeling over Sterling’s racist comments, Alonso questioned why a man “arguing wit [sic] his girl” was such a big topic […]