Vin Diesel visits Paul Walker’s mother

For many around the world, the sudden loss of actor Paul Walker has dramatically affected their lives. One person who was especially close to the Fast and Furious franchise star and has been open about the tough loss, is his costar Vin Diesel. Diesel recently took to his Facebook page where he shared that he […]

Vin Diesel pays tribute to Paul Walker at fatal crash site

As friends and family continue to pay their respects and gather at the site of Paul Walker’s fatal car accident to mourn and pay tribute, one of Walker’s “Fast and Furious” co-stars and close friends, Vin Diesel, showed up and spoke to the crowd over a police loudspeaker. “If my brother were here right now […]

Hip-hop celebs who drive fast cars

Hip-hop celebrities love spending money on flashy items. Jewelry, clothes, cars, and houses typically are the most extravagant. With the upcoming movie Fast and Furious 6, rolling out is honing in on the flashy cars celebrities choose.

Tyrese Gibson’s sexiest photos

Before you check out the Fast and Furious 6, in theaters now, soak up a few minutes of one of this summer’s hottest blockbusters cast mates, Tyrese Gibson here. – ruthie hawkins

NBA players who drive fast cars

NBA ballers have a lot of money. Money so tall, not even Yao Ming can reach it. When a baller has tall money, many of them buy a nice car. With the new movie Fast and Furious 6 opening May 24, rolling out would like to stay in the fast category. Following are NBA ballers […]

Top 50 movies with fastest cars of all time

“Fast and Furious 6” release date is May 24th, this movie is known to have a lot of cool and fast cars. “Rolling Out” would like to present the top 50 movies with the fastest cars.

Summer’s most anticipated action movies

Get ready for a summer full of action with this year’s most anticipated action movies. Whether your looking for a good old-fashioned sho0t-’em-up or an action-packed sci-fi adventure, one of the following films is sure to tickle your fancy. –ruthie hawkins

Most anticipated Summer Blockbuster movies in 2013

As summer nears it’s that time to make a checklist and mark down the top summer movie blockbusters that are must see movies. With the wide variety of movies in 2013, I’m sure Hollywood will be cashing some pretty large checks this fall. I made a list of the top blockbuster movies for 2013 that […]

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