Kevin Hart, Sean Combs, Rocko and more Father’s Day posts on Instagram

Father’s day 2014 came and it was an amazing day for all fathers. Kevin Hart, Sean Combs, Usher and more posted photos with their family having fun. Above, Kevin Hart posted, “The best Fathers Day EVER….. #Harts #TheyGrowUpSoFast #iDontWantThisDayToEnd #IveBeenSmilingEarToEarAllDay #GottaLoveEm” Check out more special celeb dads on Instagram in the gallery. –joi pearson @joiapearson

Hilarious Father’s Day memes on social media

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate all the father’s who are taking care of their children and being the role model that they deserve. But on a day where we should be honoring father’s, single mother’s have decided that they want to be honored too. Leave it up to Instagram and a few creative […]

Family Father’s Day photos on Instagram

June 15, also known as Father’s Day paid tribute to father’s all over the world who have made a difference not only in their children’s lives but in the lives of others as well. It takes a special man to take on the responsibility of not just responding to the name ‘dad’ but stepping up to […]

Happy Father’s Day: Razor Bumps no more with the Shavewise Kit

The SHAVEWISE™ Kit is touted as the best non-medical solution for Pseudofolliclitis Barbe aka Barbar’s Itch aka PFB. It is the world’s most advanced wet shaving system developed exclusively for those with PFB. The patent-pending shave system will make you love shaving! It’s hard to believe but that’s what our customers tell us and that’s […]

Father’s Day 2014: Black fathers on Instagram

It doesn’t take Father’s Day to come around just to acknowledge the great fathers that have impacted our lives, but today wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t. Black fathers have dealt with negative stereotypes for decades, and while every man isn’t perfect, there are plenty of beautiful black men taking care of their families […]

Father’s Day quotes and memes on Instagram

Father’s Day is the best day to show appreciation for the wonderful men who helped you become the person you are. Today, we seem to focus on the negative- giving more shine to absent fathers and baby daddy’s who find old habits hard to break, but this Father’s Day we should mark the end of an era. […]