Where will these inmates go? Details about 13 private federal prisons phase out

Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates sent a memo to the Bureau of Prisons notifying the agency that many corporate-run private prisons will be phased out by the U.S. Department of Justice at the end of its contract. Between 1980 and 2013, the BOP experienced a boom in population, an 800 percent increase. They couldn’t […]

8 luxury federal prisons Jesse Jackson Jr. may be sent to

Now that former Jesse Jackson Jr. has been officially disgraced, removed from office, indicted and convicted of using more than a quarter-million dollars in campaign funds to furbish his luxury home in Washington, plus other personal items, Jackson will most likely be sent to a minimum-security federal “luxury” prison to serve out his time. The […]

T.I. Moved Again; Where is he Headed this Time?

It looks like things are finally on the up-and-up for rapper T.I. After being sent to an Atlanta prison on Sept. 1 for traveling between an Arkansas prison and an Atlanta Halfway with VH1 producers and his manager, the ever-incarcerated rapper has again been released from federal lockup, and  finally moved to the halfway house […]

T.I. Returned to Prison for This?

After being furloughed from an Arkansas prison to a halfway house in Atlanta, last week, rapper T.I. was kicked out and was sent back to a Georgia prison after prison officials allegedly objected to his use of a tour bus to transfer between locales. Though it was originally thought that the tour bus was the cause […]

T.I. to Remain in Prison Until End of September

T.I. has lost his freedom, once again. After being released from prison to a halfway house last week, a transportation “flap” between the two locales caused the rapper to be removed from the halfway house. Now, T.I. has reportedly been moved to a Georgia correctional facility to serve out the final month of his 11-month sentence. In […]