The Black community’s thoughts on Ferguson and the Mike Brown verdict

There are very few souls who had no opinion on the death of Mike Brown and the outcome of the Ferguson protests. While everyone may not have the same opinion or approach to speaking their mind, we were not short on thoughts from the Black community. From celebrities to outspoken intellectuals, people’s thoughts on injustice in […]

Injustice in Ferguson, Missouri revealed by Twitter protesters

[portfolio_slideshow] While many mainstream outlets are covering the Ferguson protests after two prominent journalists were arrested, Twitter protesters have kept the news coming since Michael Brown was killed. From new highlights, photos and comments from those on the ground, and words from those around the world, social media has become the hub for important information […]

Ferguson, Missouri, under martial law? Twitter shows proof in photos

Ever since the murder of Mike Brown, there has been an upheaval in the small town of Ferguson, Missouri. Peaceful protesters and angry citizens are now risking their lives to stand against the military that has taken over the streets. Forming blockades around gas stations, blocking off entry and exits from the city, and disallowing […]