Rapper Foogiano sentenced to 5 years in prison

Rap star Foogiano has been slapped with a five-year prison sentence after managing to evade federal authorities for three months. The Georgia-based emcee Foogiano, who was born Kwame Khalil Brown, was arrested by the U.S. Marshal’s Office task force in Memphis in March 2021 on a “fugitive from justice” warrant, Billboard reported. Foogiano’s label boss, […]

Rapper Losk33 shares why it’s important to be different

Virginia rapper Losk33 is true to his craft. Originality and telling his life stories are important to him and how he expresses his artistry. Losk33 is a family man with a story to tell and is determined to make his own way. Rolling out spoke with Losk33 about his thoughts on the industry, an artist’s […]

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