Serena’s wedding reignites Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian ‘beef’ on Twitter

Nothing says “petty” like Twitter when Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are in proximity to one another as they were during tennis legend Serena Williams’ wedding this past week. Speculation ran wild about the so-called beef between the pop music megastar Bey Bey, 36, and reality TV star Kardashian, 36, and fueled hilarious commentary across Twitter-sphere. As […]

Monica opens up about rift with Ciara

For month now, fans have been paying close attention to the ongoing beef between Ciara and her ex-fiancé, Future. But one beef that has gone under the radar is Ciara’s rift with her former singing pal Monica. However, Monica brought the rift to the forefront in a recent interview when she dispelled rumors about why she […]

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