Fashion Friday: Brittni Mealy designs for weirdos, dreamers and unicorns

Brittni Mealy is an Atlanta socialite and the founder and creative director of Unicorn Universe. She entered the fashion industry when she began her first online store, Pop of Junk, in 2012. Once she realized that the market was “oversaturated” with online boutiques, she took a step back. Four years later, she launched Unicorn Universe as a […]

T.I. shares style must-haves he can’t live without

T.I. has always been a fashion influencer. Whether he’s rocking his classic fitted hat cocked to the side or a tailored suit, T.I. knows how to balance his street style with high fashion. The Atlanta icon entered the fashion world early in his career, launching his own clothing line, A.K.O.O. (“A King Of Oneself”).  T.I.’s A.K.O.O. brand […]