Super Bowl weekend in LA: Google lists local Black businesses

Many American cities vie for an opportunity to land the Super Bowl every year because of the financial impact the event brings to a city. ABC7 reported this year’s Super Bowl expects to bring in $500 million to the city. As a part of Black History Month, Google has placed an orange and black heart […]

Google’s chief diversity officer, Melonie D. Parker, shares insights on how to become a success

Hampton graduate Melonie D. Parker serves as the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) at Google and global director, employee engagement. She’s an HR executive committed to innovative, relevant, and contemporary leadership. She’s also an award-winning advocate for change and a passionate thought leader. Parker received a B.A. in Mass Communications from Hampton University and an M.A. […]

Music executive Steve Stoute secures $50M investment from Apple

Music executive Steve Stoute just made another power play and secured a $50 million Series B investment from Apple for his independent artist distribution platform, UnitedMasters. UnitedMasters says that the investment will fuel its “mission to enable artists to maintain full ownership over their work while expanding their economic opportunity and introducing them to millions […]

Google CEO vows increased investment in Black hires, businesses and communities

Google has vowed to increase its diversity leadership 30 percent by 2025. CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that the search engine giant will be adding more Black employees and those from “underrepresented groups” in top roles over the next five years. Google’s promise comes after global Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the death of […]

Is your inbox next? Millions hit with coronavirus hoax emails daily

Google has warned that scammers are sending 18 million coronavirus hoax emails per day to Gmail users. The tech giant revealed the ongoing health crisis has led to a rise in phishing attacks, which see criminals trying to trick people into revealing their personal data. In a joint statement, Gmail’s products manager Neil Kumaran and […]

Google provides specific do’s and don’ts for businesses during health crisis

Google has released new guidelines for business owners amid the health crisis. The tech giant has decided to issue a list of FAQs in an effort to minimize the damage being done by the virus, which has prompted lockdowns for various businesses — both online and offline — around the globe. In a tweet promoting […]

Google’s new Black history commercial draws mixed reaction

On Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, Google released a new video ahead of Black History Month highlighting phenomenal African Americans who have made noteworthy accomplishments. The concept behind the video is to bring awareness to some of “the most searched” history makers and moments that have captured the attention of the world. It opens with “the […]

Young Black Georgia girl wins Google Doodle competition

For more than a decade, Google has periodically changed its search page logo for holidays, special events and anniversaries, but today the search engine was designed by a young Black teenage girl from Georgia. Every year, Google hosts a competition for students around the country to design their own interpretation of what the Google search […]

Jussie Smollett Googled himself more than 50 times after alleged attack

In the continuing public relations storm that is oversaturating the media and Jussie Smollett, the Chicago Police Department released documents that show the “Empire” actor searched himself on Google about five dozen times after allegedly being attacked. The beleaguered Smollett, 37, filed charges on Jan. 29 stating that he was the victim of a homophobic […]

NACME and big brands partner to bridge the STEM diversity gap in Silicon Valley

The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. held a national summit in California this month to bring together thought leaders from multiple industries to discuss innovative ways to recruit, retain and promote diverse engineering and computer science talent. At the summit, “NACME: A Diversity Solution,” held Sept. 19-21 in San Francisco and Palo […]

Information technology is the wave of the future, get on

As more Fortune 500 firms, such as Google, Apple, and Ernest & Young, have eliminated the requirement for a college degree, opportunities for employment are now open to those who haven’t attended prestigious and expensive universities. Educational platforms such as MIT OpenCourseWare, edX, and Coursera now offer free online IT classes with the ability to […]

Valeisha Butterfield Jones, global executive at Google, talks diversity in tech

Valeisha Butterfield Jones is the global head of women and Black community engagement at Google where she is responsible for strengthening and deepening the technology giant’s recruitment, retention and inclusion practices from an intersectional lens. She’s also the co-founder and CEO of the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network, an award-winning executive, an activist and author […]

Google’s Chris Clark shares thoughts on the importance of diversity and tech

Blacks In Tech L.A. serves as a community where like-minded individuals can share ideas, experiences, and information. BIT L.A. includes technology professionals, innovators and enthusiasts who are working with or interested in Web-based technologies. Along with including bloggers, digital media specialists, web designers, social media strategists, and software developers, the monthly meet-up also opens its […]

Lauryn Nwankpa shares insight on tech and the business of natural hair

Lauryn Nwankpa understands how using social media can have a positive and negative impact. During a tech meet up event at Google LAX, Nwankpa shared her thoughts on the power of messages that are spread through the use of technology. “I never imagined that people would leverage the same technology that brought us Black Twitter […]

Google’s Daraiha Greene talks diversity in tech and YouTube series ‘GodComplX’ 

Daraiha Greene has always loved science, math, technology and the arts. As head of multicultural engagement for the CS and media team at Google, Greene gets an opportunity to combine all of her passions on a daily basis. Greene recently shared her thoughts on increasing diversity in tech and her scripted YouTube series, “GodComplX.” As […]

Google’s head of multicultural engagement of CS in media, Daraiha Greene, leads BHM panel

Google LAX celebrated Black History Month by hosting an event to highlight cultural, technological, and scientific contributions within the Black community.  Keynote speakers included Arnold Hackett (VP of Alliance and Partnership Management at Xerox); Daraiha Greene (Head of Multicultural Engagement for Computer Science in Media at Goolge); Lauryn Nwankpa (Founding Customer Service Manager at Headspace); and […]

Here’s how influencers can elevate their brand’s presence to global stardom

It’s a well-known fact that people prefer to shop in their native language. Naturally, they feel more comfortable when they completely understand what they’re reading. The same goes for searching. It’s highly unlikely that potential consumers in foreign markets will find their way to your website using English-language searches, which means you need to incorporate […]

Yara Shahidi is candid about her Blackness in open letter: ‘To Be a Black Girl’

 Google Arts & Culture has created a three-part Black History Month arts celebration. Yesterday they released their 2nd installment with “Black-ish“ and now “Grown-ish”actress Yara Shahidi. The young actress shared a video and her open letter: “To Be a Black Girl.” To be a black girl is to be one of the reasons the universe […]

Alt-right rallies planned for several cities this weekend

Unfortunately, Charlottesville was just the beginning of the alt-right madness. According to CNN, a number of alt-right rallies are scheduled this weekend, the largest of which is “March on Google,” which is scheduled to take place in several cities. The “March on Google” was organized to protest the firing of former Google employee James Damore, […]