Dr. Cheryl Whitaker; revolutionizing the health care model in Illinois

Dr. Cheryl Whitaker is a 20-year veteran health care professional who has dedicated her career to finding innovative health care solutions for underserved populations. She has extensive experience in health care information technology where she has sought to leverage I.T. solutions toward better quality care for patients. In 2011, Dr. Whitaker was appointed by Illinois […]

The Art Institute of Chicago’s ‘They Seek a City’ opening gala

The Art Institute of Chicago introduced “They Seek a City: Chicago and The Art of Migration, 1910-1950,” at its opening gala on Saturday, March 2nd. The gala celebration brought out Chicago’s finest including Governor Pat Quinn, ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore, Dr. Walter Massey with his wife, and was MCd by ABC Channel 7’s Leah Hope. […]