Florida grandma vs. 300-pound car thief, and the winner is …

A would-be car thief got the beating of his life from a 65-year-old grandmother in Gainesville, Florida. It all started when Clarese Gainey heard a noise outside her apartment and grabbed a baseball bat to investigate. When she slowly opened her door, the former high school softball player saw Antonio Mosely, breaking into her car. […]

Grandma bank robber on crime spree baffles police

If you live in New Jersey and see a little old lady in the bank, be careful, she might be a bank robber. Police in Willingboro, New Jersey, are looking for an elderly White woman who appears to be in her 60s for a string of bank robberies that occurred this past Friday. Early in the morning […]

Grandma pulls knife on grandson for disrespecting her (NSFW)

A video posted to YouTube shows the danger of disrespecting your  grandma. In the video, the irate grandmother tells the young children to “shut the f— up” and pulls out a knife. Soon the children’s laughter dissolves into silence as the grandmother declares, “You don’t f— with me.” [jwplatform rksq4eTw]

Tyshawn Lee’s grandma cries out

[jwplatform 58FDHr81] Tyshawn Lee’s grandma cried out to everyone that they need Jesus as Tyshawn’s body was loaded in the carriage at the end of the funeral. She proclaimed that people need to change their lifestyles or things won’t change.

Laverne Cox lands a role in ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ remake

Groundbreaking actress and LGBT advocate Laverne Cox, who made history as the first transgender actor to receive an Emmy nomination, just confirmed her next big role. The “Orange Is The New Black” standout will star in an upcoming remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show for Fox. Cox will assume the role of Dr. Frank-N-Futer, played […]