Top 5 martini recipes

There must be something interesting about drinking from that long stemmed martini glass, as we’ve spun the classic drink into so many popular variations. Here is a list of top five martini drinks for you to enjoy during your spring break. The Chocolate Martini Ingredients 2 ounces of Ciroc Vodka 1 ounce of Godiva liqueur […]

ID’s please! Top 5 flavored spirits lounge

Vodka is arguably the leading spirit in the U.S. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, revenues total more than $5 billion and flavored vodkas account for 20 percent of sales. In fact, leading distilleries and distributors work tirelessly to unseat vodka as the leader among cocktail and liquor lovers with its perennial list of new […]

Elle Varner, Miguel, Grey Goose Cherry Noir Celebrate Kenny Burns’ Birthday (Photos)

R&B songstress Elle Varner serenades Kenny Burns at Atlanta’s Vanquish lounge singing “Happy Birthday.” The “Refill” starlet was joined by fellow recording artist Miguel (“Flowerbomb”) and a host of Atlanta’s fashionable trendsetters and partygoers to celebrate with the Lifestyle Specialist. The event was sponsored by Grey Goose Cherry Noir. (Photos by

Jason Geter and Bu Thiam Present “Dinner & A Toast”

Jason Geter and Bu Thiam hosted “Dinner & A Toast” in Atlanta  at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. “Dinner & A Toast”, sponsored by Grey Goose Cherry Noir, celebrated the ongoing accomplishments and success of Grand Hustle Entertainment founder and Grey Goose ambassador, Jason Geter and Def Jam Mogul Bu Thiam. The Atlanta elite came out to support and many […]