Chipotle location still open after hundreds sickened; investigators baffled

Once again there is news of a massive outbreak of a foodborne illness related to Chipotle. At least 324 people and counting reported a wide range of symptoms after eating at a Powell, Ohio, store. Customers started logging onto the website and reported the not-so-pleasant aftereffects of their dining experience. One user wrote on […]

Chipotle closes dozens of stores in outbreak scare

The popular Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle has taken dramatic action due to a public health scare. Local and state health officials in Washington and Oregon are investigating an E. coli outbreak that is now being linked to the restaurant chain. According to a press release from the Washington Department of Health: “The restaurants under investigation […]

Chinese supermarket caught selling raccoon meat

Metro Supermarket in Temple City, near Los Angeles has an interesting item in its frozen food section — raccoon meat. A shopper was in the Chinese-owned supermarket when she spotted the raccoon packaged at a staggering $9.99 per pound. Concerned, she took cellphone footage of the product and called the L.A. County Health Department. Health department officials […]