Chamique Holdsclaw’s ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lacy’s sexiest photos

Chamique Holdsclaw’s ex-teammate and ex-lover Jennifer Lacy, by most accounts, lived a charmed but low key life in the Women’s National Basketball Association — that is, until that fateful day in November in Atlanta. That day, Holdsclaw walked into a place where Lacy worked and asked to put something in her car. When Lacy was […]

WNBA’s Chamique Holdsclaw on the run from police after gunfire

Chamique Holdsclaw, one of the greatest collegiate basketball players of all time who then became a troubled all-star in the WNBA before retiring, is on the run from Atlanta police for a domestic dispute with her ex-girlfriend that turned bizarre and violent. According to police and the media, Holdsclaw first stalked her girlfriend, current WNBA […]