Destiny Inspire reveals 6 ways to beat the SAD holiday blues

To be honest, not everyone revels in the holiday cheer that comes along with the season of change. Quite the contrary. Some battle with depression more during the holidays than any other time. Part of that can be contributed to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. If this is you, just know you’re not alone. According to […]

Handling the holiday hoopla

Sensationalism and consumerism aside, the fourth Thursday in November typically kicks off the season of gratitude and giving. Whether you are a spiritual person, a person of color, or a plain old optimist, you are no stranger to looking for the rainbow after the storm or finding meaning in the midst of a mess. As […]

11 instant stress busters for the holiday season

Stress is a common feature in the lives of many American citizens, whether it is due to our career, financial situation, or family life. Studies show that three out of four Americans experience stress at levels that cause them to experience a range of stress related physical symptoms. Stress can manifest itself in stomach upsets, […]