Grace, skill and beauty shine at CMDC’s 2nd annual fundraiser Because We Can

The Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center (CMDC) represents a pillar of the community. With the leadership of Homer Hans Bryant, many youth have been kept from the stresses of growing up in Chicago and exposed to a different world through the beauty of dance. Bryant created a dance style called “hiplet,” a fusion of hip-hop dance […]

Ballerina Nia Parker talks Hiplet and how dancing informs her life

Nia Parker has been a dancer since the age of 4. Her grace and skill are a reflection of focus and hard work. She is part of the Hiplet Ballerinas who had a video go viral as they demonstrated a genre-bending style. Nia is a member of the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center and is paving […]

The CMDC features Hiplet at Chicago fundraiser

Ballet is elegant and beautiful. The most difficult movements are executed effortlessly by those who have dedicated years of their lives perfecting this craft. Renowned dance instructor Homer Hans Bryant married this dedication to innovation and created “rap ballet,” which has since morphed into an art form called Hiplet (pronounced hip-lay), and it is taking […]