Females rappers break all the rules at Detroit 107.5’s cyphers

Photo Credit: Shannon Tripplet It’s no secret that men dominate the rap music game. From worldwide platforms to opportunities such as Detroit 107.5’s cyphers, we’re familiar with the grind of male artists pushing to tell their story. Week 32 of the Hot 107.5 cypher spotlight marked a new beginning as aspiring female artist Talyya ‘Leya […]

Detroit 107.5’s cypher ‘brings God to the streets’

It’s week 30 of Hot 107.5’s weekly Friday cyphers hosted by  Detroit’s DjBj. If you’ve missed rolling out’s previous updates about this radio platform, be sure to stay tuned for future radio cypher reviews. We will highlight each week’s exciting moments and new opportunities that the cyphers present for its participants. Each week, rolling out will […]

Detroit’s Hot 107.5 provides open access to cypher stars

Photo Credit: Instagram @MTV_Flu Detroit radio station Hot 107.5 FM, is hosting its thirtieth session of their weekly Friday Cyphers, and resident radio personality DJBJ has been there to witness them all. Friday nights at Hot 107.5 is where local, hungry music artists gather together to battle one another in intense cyphers. Each week, participants are given a […]