Tavis Smiley concludes Blacks have ‘lost ground’ with President Obama in office

As President Barack Obama’s final term is wrapping up, his critics are coming out of the woodwork to discuss his high and low points in office. Talk show host Tavis Smiley recently stopped by HuffPost Live to explain why he’s less than pleased with Black America’s economic standing under Obama. “Sadly, and it pains me […]

Top 10 Black celebrity PR nightmares of 2015

From a public relations perspective, 2015 was full of wonderful case studies and examples of PR crisis. As we move further away from the conservative PR dos and don’ts we used to impose upon talent years ago, it has become open season for PR crises to run amok. Today, everything is much more relaxed and […]

R. Kelly set up to fail with HuffPost Live interview

R. Kelly’s Dec. 21, 2015, appearance on HuffPost Live host opposite Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani could quite possibly be one of the worst promotional interviews of the decade. The self-proclaimed pied piper of music has been pushing his newest project titled, The Buffet and someone on his team felt the HuffPost Live was a great place to get a […]