The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid ranks high for smooth drive and great fuel economy

Over the past couple of years Hyundai Motor America has redesigned just about their entire fleet of cars. The revamping has sparked new life into the brand, with cars that sizzle in looks and performance. The 2021 Sonata Hybrid is sporting a new look. In 2020 Hyundai redesigned their midsize flagship car giving it a […]

The sophisticated 2021 Hyundai Sonata Limited is made just for you

Following the complete redesign of the Sonata in 2020, Hyundai Motors made a few enhancements on the 2021 Sonata Limited. This year, the Sonata model line rolled out a few new features which include standard 19-inch alloy wheel and tire package. The Sonata Limited added a 6-way adjustable power pass as well as a new […]