Michael Jackson impersonator puts attacker in chokehold (video)

Michael Jackson once told Paul McCartney in a song that he’s “a lover not a fighter,” but an MJ impersonator in Las Vegas obviously doesn’t share that sentiment. The impersonator, appropriately named Santana Jackson, saw that a man looked like he “Wanna be startin’ somethin’.” Therefore, it was “Human Nature” for the street entertainer to […]

R. Kelly fans demand refund after concert by an alleged impersonator

R. Kelly fans in Monroe, Louisana are are upset after a supposed Kelly concert that they claim featured an impersonator onstage instead of the real deal. Kelly was advertised as the featured performer at Ced’s Black Tie Affair in Monroe, and the cost was $150 per ticket. But according to Billboard, fans are now claiming that the man onstage was not Kelly, but a lip-synching impersonator. On top of that, the performer didn’t take the stage until 1am.