Goodbye income tax: Why America’s richest move to Florida and save millions

Billionaire hedge fund manager David Tepper, 58, is moving south. He won’t be punished for being rich. Tepper relocated and escaped a heavy tax bill in New Jersey so he can enjoy Florida’s sun and income tax ease. In October 2015, Tepper registered his condo in Miami Beach as his permanent address. By December, he filed […]

Intuit president and CEO Brad Smith says everyone can make a difference

Brad Smith is the president and CEO of Intuit, a leading developer of financial and tax preparation software such as Turbo Tax and Quicken. Unlike the stereotype that one might expect of a CEO, Smith has a pleasant and down-to-earth demeanor that stems from his upbringing in a loving family from West Virginia. A self-made […]

Tax refund: If you don’t know about EITC, you’re losing money

Tax Refund

If you have a job and don’t know about the IRS’ Earned Income Tax Credit, then you are losing a significant amount of money. If you worked and earned less than $50K a year, the government may owe you money. At least 10 million people miss out on this free money each year. The Earned […]

Killer heroin floods Pittsburgh

Theraflu… Bud Ice… Income tax… To many people  these words have common meanings; to the heroin addicts, the words are codes. The codes unlock a powerful blend of heroin and fentanyl into a combination that has left 22 people dead in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Fentanyl is normally used medically to treat cancer and is one […]

Blacks and Finance: Increasing Your Income Tax Return

It is essential that you have goals in mind and strategies in place to increase your chances of obtaining a refund and reducing your tax bill. The best approach is to develop a game plan going forward to ensure that, for the 2011 tax filing year, you will have thought about how to plan meaningful […]