Keyshia Cole puts her heart on her sleeve

Keyshia Cole is rarely the one to hold back on her feelings. From going through her breakup with ex-husband Boobie Gibson and jumping back into music, we know Keyshia is dealing with a range of emotions. Alongside of her sexy Instagram photos, Cole shares memes with her followers that express what she’s going through or thinking […]

Snoop Dogg’s best memes

Snoop Dogg’s penchant for marijuana is no secret, so many would probably think his Instagram would be filled with photos of cannibus and weed memes. Instead, Snoop’s memes vary from funny jokes and black empowerment to new articles about his community activity. Snoop Dogg has always been active in his community, donating time and money […]

Motivational memes from hip-hop moguls and execs

With the music industry evolving to an unseen place, we have seen many of our favorite hip-hop execs change the way they do business. Being in the streets more and closer to the trends, it’s no surprise to see many of the higher ups sharing advice on Instagram and Twitter. Through motivational memes and personal […]

Funniest memes from the MTV VMAs

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have become the go-to place for award show commentary, and the comedians were on point for the 2014 MTV VMAs  in Los Angeles. Showing no mercy to your favorite stars, funny memes brought tons of laughter at the expense of Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and more. With MTV […]

Motivational quotes from Celebrity Instagram

With Ferguson still in a state of unrest, many of our daily thoughts have extended past the usual celebrity gossip and everyday drama. People from all over the world have come together to support and encourage each other as we all struggle to find peace in a world filled with distractions. Celebrity Instagram has not […]

Instagram slams the media with #IfIWasGunnedDown

Leave it to today’s social media to point out the injustice that most news outlets won’t. While the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has sparked protests and demonstrations around the world, the mainstream media seems to be treating this as just another robbery-shooting debacle. Brown, Trayvon Martin and many others before who have […]

Instagram users protest Mike Brown killing and police violence

The small suburban town of Ferguson in St. Louis, Missouri, has been hit with martial law after peaceful protests went awry. 17-year-old Michael Brown, affectionately known as Mike Brown was killed by a police officer after fleeing the scene at the local QT. After two days of protesting, the U.S. government sent in large fleets of […]

Funniest Homer Simpson memes on Instagram

The iconic cartoon character Homer Simpson has made his way from tv fame to Instagram notoriety. Long before Kermit was minding his business, Homer memes were taking over Instagram trends. Some less appropriate than others, funny Homer Simpson memes are used in so many different situations. While we’re sure “The Simpsons” creators knew they had […]

Paul George injured; Instagram shows support

Indiana Pacers star Paul George faced a serious injury last night during the Team USA Blue-White scrimmage that left the entire sports world speechless. While the regular season has come to a close, basketball fans were glued to the television last night and witnessed George’s accident that led to a broken leg. Many prayers and Instagram […]

Touré Roberts’ Instagram features motivational quotes

Touré Roberts has been an instrumental voice for the younger generation, so it’s no surprise that Roberts’ Instagram is filled with motivation and inspiration. Outside of Touré’s duties at One Church International in Los Angeles, which is hosted Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, and his rapidly growing Artist Resource Center, Touré Roberts is currently promoting his book Purpose Awakening. For […]

Funny Lance Stephenson memes on Instagram

Lance Stephenson has been quietly racking up hilarious memes on Instagram. After being roasted at the 2014 ESPYS by his friend Drake, Stephenson has been seen blowing everything from Marilyn Monroe’s skirt to a Cup of Noodles. The Charlotte Hornets player has taken the joke graciously, but insists that he wants this incident no where near his […]

LeBron James’ return to Cleveland; best Instagram memes

When Lebron James announced his return to Cleveland to join the Cavaliers, there were mixed emotions from fans across the board. While the Miami Heat handled James’ decision with class, Instagram memes were made clowning Dwyane Wade, Lebron, and of course, bandwagon fans. It seems as though more people are more concerned with the loyalty […]

Daquan memes emerge on Instagram; funny or no?

Whoever the real Daquan is has a lot of explaining to do. Yesterday afternoon, everyone on Twitter was talking about “That Daquan.” Which Daquan, you ask?According to Daquan memes on Instagram and Twitter, the unidentified gentleman has white parents all over the world questioning the fate of their precious daughters. Kermit the Frog was a […]

BET Awards 2014 funniest Instagram memes

The BET Awards 2014 was filled with moments of hilarity, wonder, and of course shade. Count on Instagram to catch all the shade and more as today’s biggest names in hip-hop hit the stage for unforgettable performances and to accept well-deserved awards. August Alsina, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown had the ladies in pandemonium while host […]

Kermit the Frog inspires funny Instagram memes

Ever wanted to speak on something that just might be none of your business? Kermit the Frog now has the answer. You never know what Instagram meme is in it for the long haul, but this week, Kermit definitely had the juice… or rather, tea. Social media lovers took Kermie’s lovable face and turned him […]

Hilarious Father’s Day memes on social media

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate all the father’s who are taking care of their children and being the role model that they deserve. But on a day where we should be honoring father’s, single mother’s have decided that they want to be honored too. Leave it up to Instagram and a few creative […]

Father’s Day quotes and memes on Instagram

Father’s Day is the best day to show appreciation for the wonderful men who helped you become the person you are. Today, we seem to focus on the negative- giving more shine to absent fathers and baby daddy’s who find old habits hard to break, but this Father’s Day we should mark the end of an era. […]

Ruby Dee celebrated on Instagram

Ruby Dee Davis was much more than just an actress. Of course we can’t overlook her extensive entertainment catalog which consists of over 50 movies, and nearly 100 television and stage productions combined, including A Raisin in the Sun, with Sidney Poitier in 1959, American Gangster in 2007, and most recently Lifetime’s “Betty and Coretta” film in […]

LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard spark funny Instagram memes

San Antonio Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard and Miami Heat’s LeBron James were popular topics among basketball fans on Instagram, but obviously not for the same reasons. The 2014 NBA Playoffs have left Heat fans with sad faces and low morale, slowly realizing that this year’s championship ring might be going to the Spurs. San Antonio’s loyal fans […]

Instagram’s inspirational quotes this week

Inspirational quotes are popular on Instagram, but on Sundays, quotes and memes about God are on level ten. As we close out another wonderful weekend, we can all use some motivation for the week, and insight into relationships and situations that may be giving us grief. Even if you had a chance to stop by Sunday […]