Allen Iverson kidnapped his kids, wife says

Former NBA star Allen Iverson has made off with his own children and refuses to return the brood, according to a complaint filed by his wife Tawanna Iverson. Tawanna is requesting that the courts order her former NBA star to give them back — and to even throw him in jail. Tawanna Iverson just filed legal […]

The luxury cars Allen Iverson lost

Just a few years ago, hoop heavyweight Allen Iverson’s driveway resembled a luxury car showroom. He hardly hesitated on shoveling many millions of his basketball earnings into the gold-minted car dealerships up and down the East Coast on the spoils that come with his fame and riches. But with the news from the Washington Post […]

The luxury homes Allen Iverson lost

Allen Iverson’s travails have been outlined in recent days and months, including his contentious divorce and the fact that he’s flat broke after earning more than $150 million during his illustrious and legendary career. Among his most conspicuous losses are several eye-popping mansions in different parts of the country that he either lost to foreclosure […]

Allen Iverson and NBA players who squandered their vast fortunes

The simple statement that Allen Iverson didn’t even “have money for a cheeseburger” registered about 7.8 on the social Richter scale, blowing away millions of fans and sports observers alike with disbelief. Gone are all the luxury whips, the fancy clothes and his mansions — and his infamous entourage. How does a man go from […]

10 ways Allen Iverson lost his vast fortune

People were stunned to learn just how fast NBA icon Allen Iverson blew through his career earnings of more than $150 million. After  only three years removed from his playing days in the NBA, “The Answer” is looking for one to settle his debts, pay alimony and child support and to earn a living for […]

NBA legend Allen Iverson: ‘I don’t even have money for a cheeseburger’

Allen Iverson, one of the greatest NBA players of this generation who earned more than $150 million during his playing career, cannot even afford a cheeseburger today. Just three years removed from the league that made him a multimillionaire, where the undersized 6-foot turbocharged dynamo earned the adulation of millions for winning against the giants, […]

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