Jack Daniel’s Art, Beats & Lyrics colors the West Loop in Chicago

Jack Daniel’s Art, Beats and Lyrics tour stopped in Chicago this past Friday. The tour is an urban art and music exhibition that supports up and coming artists, from painters to musicians. The night is filled with bright colors and expressive pieces and topped with a musical performance by well known musicians from across the […]

James Nelson presents Afro-Lution exhibit at Nych Gallery in Chicago

James Nelson Afro-Lution at Nych Gallery in Chicago

Nestled comfortably between pop art and art nouveau is “Afro-Lution,” an emerging, evocative art movement that’s sure to put the art world on notice. Incorporating bold colors with eye-catching geometrics and African American subjects oozing royalty and power, visual artist James Nelson’s new installation at Nych Gallery in Chicago is an innovative, conversation-igniting exhibit. Through carefully […]