Jermaine Dupri says ‘stripper rap’ is taking over hip-hop, Cardi B responds

Jermaine Dupri says that today’s female rappers are lacking diverse content. During a recent interview with People TV, Dupri shared his thoughts on this generation of women in the rap game. “I can’t really say,” Dupri said when asked his thoughts on Meg Thee Stallion, Cardi B and the best female rapper. “The only reason […]

So So Def’s 25th anniversary concert pays homage to Atlanta’s music legacy

Jermaine Dupri decided to change the landscape of the music scene in Atlanta when the music industry barely existed in Atlanta. During the early 1990s, Atlanta was known as a town where bass music, a genre inspired by heavy bass and strip club culture, stood as the city’s most significant form of hip-hop music. But […]