How spirituality plays a major role in the entertainment industry

Entertainers are becoming more vocal when it comes to expressing their beliefs and thoughts on spirituality. Rappers, athletes, DJs, and others in the field of entertainment are revealing how their lifestyle and success is due to a higher power. There is often a correlation between success and spiritually connecting to a higher power. For instance, Jay […]

Jessica Moultrie uses modeling and acting experience to birth new careers

There is no shortage of model-actresses on social media but when you start looking at resumes it becomes clear who only does it for the ‘Gram and who does it to make a living. Jessica Moultrie spent 10 years as a Rocawear model in New York along with several other big-name brands before relocating to […]

Jeremy Unique Davis talks Kid’s Casting Call in Atlanta

Give your child a chance to be discovered by some of the top industry professionals in acting, modeling, and dancing. On Saturday, April 1, 2017, UED Studios and Adorable Talent are presenting the Children’s Casting Call and Workshop Event. Here, Davis talks about his life in the entertainment business. What is your day-to-day like at work? My daily […]