Jimmy Carter: Southern white men changed to Republican Party because of race

There are definite advantages to being advanced beyond retirement age. You can say pretty much say whatever you want; unfiltered, without apology, and without fear of occupational or political ramifications. We saw this with legendary comedian Bill Cosby, who returned to the national consciousness with force a few years ago, while berating those blacks who […]

New book claims Jackie Kennedy cheated on JFK, that RFK was bisexual

The most beloved, despised and talked about political family of all time is the subject of an explosive exposé that could further erode the carefully crafted “Camelot” image we had of what many considered American royalty. In The Pink Triangle, Jackie Kennedy’s image was that of the picture-perfect political wife, stoically standing by while her […]

Celebrities recall John F. Kennedy assassination 50 years ago

Celebrities still remember exactly where they were and what they were doing the moment they learned that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, that forever changed the course of a nation. JFK’s sudden death was the most significant political murder during a turbulent decade that became known for assassinations, […]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blasts Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in memoirs (video)

The alleged stolen diary belonging to the eldest son of the late, legendary Sen. Robert F. Kennedy describes almost 40 extramarital affairs, an insatiable lust for carnal knowledge and also blasts Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for being shakedown artists and publicity hounds in a newly published diary. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 400-page diary […]

The Kennedy’s black nanny, Ena Bernard, dies at 105

“It takes a village to raise a child.”  –African Proverb from Igbo and Yoruba regions of Nigeria When Robert and Ethel Kennedy hired their nanny, Ena Bernard, in 1951 to nurture their newborn daughter Kathleen, she never imagined that she’d be a part of the “village” for the next 44 years. Bernard reared all 11 Kennedy […]

Obama calls Attorney General Kamala Harris best looking. Her hottest photos

An offhand joke by President Obama has, overnight, made Kamala Harris arguably the most famous attorney general in America since Robert F. Kennedy. RFK’s appointment to the cabinet by his older brother, President John F. Kennedy, to head the Department of Justice over J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, created quite a national […]

Anderson Cooper attacks Sandy Hook killings hoax theory

CNN reporter Anderson Cooper is outraged by Florida University Professor James Tracey for questioning the Sandy Hook killings. Professor Tracey has fueled social media posts and youtube videos with his opinions and theory’s surrounding the elementary school attack, stating in his blog that “one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took […]

Michelle Obama is favorite for Illinois Senate seat

Will another first lady run for a major political office in America? Michelle Obama’s hometown admirers certainly want her to. This is according to the conclusions of a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, which says that if the two-time Ivy League grad and lawyer wanted to run for the Senate seat in Illinois, she […]

The most scandalous celebrity affairs

When celebrities are caught red handed, it is heard around the world. Held in such high esteem, it’s sometimes hard to believe that our idols could do any wrong. But alas, celebrities are human, and they do make mistakes. Click to continue for celebrities who brought the saying “what is done in the dark always […]

A$AP Rocky Plays Black JFK In Lana Del Rey’s Controversial New Video

A$AP Rocky may not be a king of hip-hop just yet, but he gets to play the president – John F. Kennedy to be exact – in alterna-queen Lana Del Rey’s controversial new video, “National Anthem.” In the clip, which premiered on June 27, Lana plays the dual roles of Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe […]

Whitney Houston’s Pricey Funeral Angers City: 5 Other Famously Pricey Funerals

The world may have mourned the death of Whitney Houston, but the residents of Newark, N.J., are raging mad about the high cost of the singing legend’s funeral. According to CBS, taxpayers in Newark, though sad about the loss of Houston, are outraged about footing the bill for her pricey funeral, which reportedly cost more […]

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