A critical Detroit story

This is not a tell-all as much as it is a cautionary tale. Detroit is a home for everyone, but it is a place identified the world throughout for Black culture. It is the cradle of Motown, which shaped Black American music and style, and the place where Black home ownership and entrepreneurship reigned from […]

Detroit gallerist Misha McGlown takes local artists to Christie’s New York

Gallerist,Misha McGlown runs the incomparable Irwin House Global Art Center & Gallery on Detroit’s west side. McGlown had a small window to insert Detroit artists into a New York exhibition and auction opening on March 26, 2022 at the famed CHRISTIE’S New York, and she seized the moment. The auction is part of Christie’s Corporate […]

Detroit artist Jonathan Harris’ ‘Critical Race Theory’ confronts America’s sins

Detroit artist Jonathan Harris uses his work to express the emotion of the African American experience. Harris’ recent work, “Critical Race Theory,” has gone viral and is encouraging a reevaluation of the theory itself. This 33-year-old artist is self-taught and wants to keep Black history alive for generations to come. He expresses that it should […]

Jonathan Harris expresses Black pain and love through art

Jonathan Harris is a visual artist born and raised in the city of Detroit. After attending The Detroit School for the Fine and Performing Arts, he attended Henry Ford Community College and Oakland University. There he majored in graphic design and minored in studio art. Although Harris is experienced in digital arts and advertising, fine […]

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