9-year-old collects 1k Barbies for girls in Chicago

Josilyn Whitney Martin-Richardson, 9, has accomplished a great goal. She has officially collected over 1k dolls to share with young ladies around the world for Christmas. Josilyn started this toy drive with her mother in 2015. It was all inspired when Josilyn took a trip to the park with her grandmother and she saw little […]

8-year-old: ‘Every girl should have a Barbie’

[jwplatform hV5Oluh9] Eight-year-old Josilyn Martin-Richardson is collecting Barbie dolls to give as gifts to other young girls. She is doing this with the full support of her parents, Kellie Martin and Jonathan Richardson. They have collected over 300 Barbies thus far and $600 in donations.

8-year-old Josilyn Martin-Richardson spreads joy with 1,000 Barbies

The holiday season is upon us and many adults are jaded by how this time of year has become more about consumerism than spreading cheer and goodwill. Once we reach a certain age the mystery seems to disappear and we are left with the reality of what this season can represent.  Children have managed to […]