Woman convicted of killing pregnant friend, cutting her stomach and stealing her fetus

A woman in Worcester, Mass. has been convicted in the murder of her 23-year-old pregnant friend. According to NY Daily News, Julie Corey, 39, was suffering from emotional distress after having a miscarriage three months earlier. Corey visited Darlene Haynes who was eight months pregnant in July of 2009. Corey beat Haynes, strangled her to […]

Massachusetts woman on trial for killing friend and fetus theft

A Massachusetts woman accused of beating and strangling her pregnant friend, then cutting the fetus from her womb, will face a jury starting today, almost five years after the gruesome crime. Julie Corey, 39, of Worcester, Mass. killed Darlene Haynes, who was eight months pregnant. She made a 9-inch incision in Haynes’ abdomen and took […]

Woman rips unborn baby out of mother’s stomach while she’s alive

This is the epitome of evil. A New Hampshire woman is finally going to trial four years after reportedly brutally killing her so-called friend by bashing her skull with a brick, then ripping the unborn baby out of her womb while the mother was still alive. The body of Darlene Haynes, 23, was found in […]