Fox News: Slavery showed how ‘special and wonderful this country is’

On Monday, Aug. 22, Katrina Pierson (pictured on the right) had the intestinal fortitude to get on “Fox & Friends” to defend Confederate monuments and memorials as a “good” part of American history. The comments came after another guest, Wendy Osefo, spoke out against monuments that glorify the Confederacy, saying, “This is a symbol of hatred […]

Trump national spokesperson calls President Obama a ‘half breed’ on CNN

[jwplatform o4LWpkWl] Does the American public need more proof that the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump is racist? Katrina Pierson, national spokesperson for the Trump campaign called President Obama a “half-breed” and refused to retract her words. She made the comment on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show.

Donald Trump blames #BlackLivesMatter for not getting Black pastors’ endorsement

What was supposed to be a huge press conference to announce that a group of 100 Black pastors and religious leaders were officially endorsing Donald Trump’s bid for president quickly turned into a closed door meeting later described as an “informational meet and greet” by Trump’s campaign organizers. But did Trump ever really have the […]