Twitter reacts to the latest episode of BET’s ‘The Game’

On last night’s episode of BET’s “The Game,” Chardonnay, who seems to be the shows consistent favorite, held an intervention for Tasha Mack (who is suddenly as big as a house) and ends up getting more than she bargained for. The episode, which was pretty much all over the place, bounced back and forth from […]

BET’s ‘The Game’ episode 4 best moments

This week on BET’s “The Game,” Jason gets an unexpected visit from his ex-wife Kelly Pitts. Meanwhile, Tasha continues to hide her pregnancy while Kierra rains more havoc in Blue’s life. Check out all of the best moments from the episode below. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

Twitter reacts to Kelly’s return on the latest episode of BET’s ‘The Game’

BET’s “The Game” sends Twitter into a tizzy, when original cast member Kelly returns. Jason and Chardonnay’s world is rocked when Jason receives a surprise visit in the form of his ex-wife, Kelly, who unexpectedly shows up at the couple’s home, on the eve of Brit Brat’s pre-prom party. Kelly’s visit takes a turn for […]

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