Kenneth Braswell pens children’s book to work out Black pain

Kenneth Braswell has more than 25 years of community development experience. He’s the executive director of Fathers Incorporated, which is a not-for-profit organization that serves as a leader in the promotion of Responsible Fatherhood. He also serves as the director of President Obama’s National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse. The NRFC is a widely recognized national and international resource […]

Fathers Incorporated exec Kenneth Braswell: ‘I build trust with my children’

Describe what makes being a father special. Everything about being a father is special. The honor in being responsible for children in your own unique way highlights all that is special about being a father. Through a loving and healthy lens we get to give a masculine perspective of the world. What is a father’s […]

Moving beyond the silence of domestic violence with Kenneth Braswell

When brothers get together and speak about domestic violence, many things can come from this discussion. It is very challenging and helpful to engage one another so that we can do better. Addressing the problem is critical for most men. Oddly enough, we typically only hear about domestic violence from a woman’s point of view. Below, […]

Kenneth Braswell, Responsible Fatherhood director, ‘when reality exceeds expectations’

Kenneth Braswell is the executive director of Fathers Incorporated, which serves as a leader in the field of Responsible Fatherhood. “The organization’s international, national, and local mission focuses on remediating the impact of father absence. Braswell has over 25 years of community development experience and serves as a leader and advocate in the promotion of […]