Keyshia Cole responds to husband Daniel Gibson’s strip club outing

There’s nothing odd anymore about a married man going to the strip club. And, if you live in one of the epicenters of strip clubs, like say, Atlanta, the couple will often go together. But it’s quite another thing for the man, as Daniel “Boobie” Gibson did, to post videos from inside the strip club. […]

Keyshia Cole provides more hints of marital strife with Daniel Gibson

Fiery R&B singer Keyshia Cole Gibson seems to enjoy keeping the media guessing at what she’s feeling and thinking, particularly as it pertains to her marriage to free agent NBA sharpshooter Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. Whether subconscious or intentional, Cole frequently “obfuscates” — the act of intentionally muddying the waters or confusing the situation with subliminal […]

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