Kid President letter to a person on their 1st day here

Count on Kid President to provide insight and encouragement to people of all ages and backgrounds. If it’s your first day in the world, you’re in luck! Here’s a little pep talk for his nephew Myles and the rest of the newbies in the world. Check out Kid President’s letter to a person on their first […]

Kid President’s ‘Open Letter to Moms’

Count on our favorite, Kid President to deliver a heartfelt Mother’s Day message to all of the mothers in the world.  As you get ready to enjoy Mother’s Day 2013 with the special women in your life, take a look at Kid President’s open letter to moms.

April Fools’ surprise from the White House

Not to be left out on the April Fools‘ shenanigans, the President sent out a special message from the White House.  Judging by the Easter Egg Roll photos, which featured the adorable Kid President, it looks like the Obama family killed 2 birds with one stone. It’s not too late to enjoy this prank! Check […]