Founders of Kreative Coaching talk about the new wave of conscious streetwear

Justin Cossey, 23, and Tevin Maxwell, 23 are using fashion to make a statement. The Savannah, Georgia, natives who shared a unique outlook on fashion, teamed up to build their streetwear brand Kreative Coaching. They wanted their brand to be centered around coaching individuals on how to be “kreative” through apparel. In a recent interview […]

Why you should keep a look out for urban clothing line Kreative Coaching

With the fashion industry continuously fueling creatives to tap into their potential, the owners of Kreative Coaching clothing line, Tevin Maxwell and Justin Cossey are doing just that. Both owners are natives of Savannah, Georgia, where they met in college at Savannah State University as freshmen. The friendship has since grown into a lasting business relationship as they […]