Kris Jenner soon to be single? Her sexiest photos

To the many who have been glued to the gossip line, Kris Jenner‘s separation from Bruce Jenner comes as no surprise. While Jenner admitted to Bruce moving out of the home when Kanye West and her daughter Kim Kardashian came home with North West, it was perceived to the public as a getaway for Bruce. […]

Kris Jenner and other hot celebrity women over 50

Hottest celebrity women over 50 Although she was bashed on Instagram for baring her surgically enhanced body, Kris Jenner looks extremely good for a woman who’ll soon blow out 60 candles on her birthday cake. As previously reported by scribe Terry Shropshire, Jenner, 58, bared all in a barely there bikini this week to mark […]

Kris Jenner ripped on Instagram for posing in bikini

Kris Jenner is extremely desperate for attention and for trying to salvage the rapidly declining brand that is the Kardashian name. That’s at least what multiple Instagram users strongly — and profanely — insinuated when the nearly 60-year-old Kardashian matriarch posed and posted a suggestive bikini shot in a swimming pool a few days ago. […]

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