Beyoncé and HBO team up for concert series

With the success of her Life Is But A Dream documentary, it’s a no brainer that Beyoncé and HBO would get together again to recreate the magic. This time around the two powerhouses are bringing us Beyoncé: X10, a short concert series that will consist of ten 4 minute concert clips to be aired at approximately […]

Beyoncé on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’

Before Beyoncé’s New York City Screening of her HBO ‘Life is But A Dream‘ documentary, Oprah, gave us a preview of what to expect from the documentary as she questioned Beyoncé about some of her favorite parts.  Many have complained that Oprah didn’t go in on Beyoncé enough.  Do you agree? Watch the full interview of beyonce […]

Beyoncé ‘Life is But a Dream’ Documentary (Full Video)

Beyoncé‘s ‘Life is But a Dream‘ documentary will definitely go down in the history.  As millions watched on as Beyoncé shared her life with the world, we finally saw a side of Beyoncé that we’ve all waited years for. In case you were too busy celebrating Valentine’s Day, All-Star Weekend, or hanging out at Phazes of Love […]

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