Girl boss Karen Civil dishes on the importance of online branding at #Girlpowersleepover

Brand strategist Karen Civil is making headlines on just about every media platform for her endless contribution to the music industry by creating an online presence for major clients like Lil’Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Dipset, The Clipse, Funkmaster Flex and more. Civil is also the mastermind behind Beats By Dre’s marketing, where she served as the […]

Karen Civil, digital Renaissance woman, offers advice to budding entrepreneurs

Karen Civil — digital Renaissance woman — is Nipsey Hussle‘s manager and business partner at Marathon Agency. Civil is not only beautiful, but her self-titled brand is a force to reckon with, drawing in excess of 1.2 million monthly visitors. She has built a media empire that starts with Karen Civil, and expands to Live Civil and Civil TV, all under Always Civil Enterprises, […]

Karen Civil’s celebrity friends on Instagram

Karen Civil, digital renaissance women, manager for Nipsey Hussle and business partner in the Marathon Agency; she is known to interview a celeb or two as she globe trots from one city to the next or one country to another. Civil, has bridged the gap between celebrity and their fans she keeps us up to date […]