Cleveland police officers who shot unarmed Black couple 137 times fired

The tragic killing of an unarmed Black couple Timothy Russell, 43, and Malissa Williams, 30, by Cleveland police officers has resulted in the termination of six of the officers involved. In 2012, the couple was killed after a high speed chase in which police fired 137 shots into the car.  According to the officers on the […]

Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo attacks his twin brother, charged with assault

Michael Brelo finally gets a mug shot. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the heartless murder of the unarmed pair — Timothy Ray Russell, 43, and Malissa Willams, 30 — who were riding in the car when he pumped 15 rounds of bullets into the windshield while standing atop the hood. He was recently acquitted of “voluntary manslaughter” […]

Timothy Russell’s family speaks out following Michael Brelo verdict

After a high speed 22-mile chase, Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo shot an unarmed pair, Timothy Ray Russell, 43, and Malissa Willams, 30. He stood on the car and opened fire, shooting Russell and Williams 15 times. Brelo and 12 other officers fired more than 100 times in eight seconds at the car.