Kanye West scorches Soldier Field at ‘Donda’ listening party in Chicago

Kanye West outdid himself yet again. The third listening session for the yet-to-be-released Donda was held in Chicago at Soldier Field. West built a replica of his childhood home on the South-side of Chicago in the middle of the field. The home was surrounded by candles and a cross was mounted on the roof. The […]

New York City live: This week’s hottest concerts in the NYC area

A lot of stellar shows are happening throughout New York City. If you missed last week’s Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, there are plenty of rappers descending upon the New York City area this week, as well as a few veteran rock acts and former teen pop phenomenon.

Beauty and the Beast? Beautiful Celebrities and Their Homely Significant Others

There is hope for the rest of us ordinary-looking (or worse) folk in the world. Beautiful people, including celebrities, don’t always fall for the equally pretty partner. Sometimes the extremely good-looking find intangibles, characteristics or qualities that draw them to a particular person whom everyone else says “huh?!? You’ve got to be kidding? How did […]

Celebrities Without Makeup Can Be Good … or Scary

Some women have a natural physical beauty and can get away with walking around without a hint of eyeliner or mascara. Others, like the entertainer below, are virtually unrecognizable and cause eye pollution when their faces aren’t pancaked with multiple coatings of coverup. Some simply need thick layers of enhancements covering their faces to attain […]

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