5 bizarre and intriguing cases of rappers committing murder

G Dep

Rap by nature is a boastful and competitive musical genre. No one blinks twice when rappers brag about how big, bad, and tough they are. Even bragging about the various ways in which they’ll kill someone hardly raises an eyebrow because it is generally assumed that the rapper is exaggerating for creativity and entertainment. But […]

French Montana: Bad Boy’s newest superstar makes no excuses

Story by Stereo Williams Images by Keith Major for Steed Media Service Styling by Darryl Brown Hip-hop superstars have sprouted up from some of the roughest regions and neighborhoods across the United States. Many rhymers share tales of rough-and-tumble upbringings in now-infamous locales such as Compton, Calif., New Orleans’ notorious 3rd Ward and the Queensbridge […]

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