Maya Angelou: A photo album filled with memories

The world is mourning the death of Maya Angelou, a literary legend and cultural treasure. View more photos of the amazing Maya Angelou over her lifetime in the gallery. –joipearson @joiapearson

Maya Angelou poses with other celebs on Instagram

President Barack Obama, Oprah, Common and more have used Instagram to pay tribute to one of God’s angels, Maya Angelou. She lived life to the fullest and did all that she could in service to anyone that she could come in contact with, physically or through her dynamic words.Let us view more photos of Maya […]

Oprah, Beyoncé, Ashanti, Diddy and more celebs remember Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou will always be celebrated for a life of service and a heart for her fellow man and woman. She will greatly be missed. Her legacy will live on through her words and the actions that followed. Her very close friend Oprah posted on her Instagram, “I’ve been blessed to have Maya Angelou as […]

Maya Angelou celebrated on Instagram

Maya Angelou’s spirit will forever live on through her literary contributions and words of wisdom shared in the many history-making moments throughout her life.  At the age of 86, Angelou has died and leaves the world to remember her great work. Many Instagram users have already posted some of their favorite Angelou quotes, photos, and […]