Fantasy and avant-garde styles turn heads at 1st Minnesota Grand Hair Showcase

Three of Minnesota’s premier hairstylists — Michael Miller, Briana Cress and Kanika Baker — joined forces this year to stage the first Minnesota Grand Hair Showcase in Minneapolis. The event — held Sept. 9 at Minnesota Orchestra Hall — highlighted the talents of stylists, barbers and salons from the area, and the theme invited coiffure […]

Texas father and son murder neighbor over a mattress (video)

A graphic video was uploaded to YouTube by a woman who witnessed her husband shot dead over a discarded mattress. The incident occurred on Sept. 1, 2018, and involved father and son Johnnie and Michael Miller and neighbor Aaron Howard in Abilene, Texas. There were no calm heads in this instance of senseless gun violence. […]

New York judge sentences actor Anthony Mackie

Actor Anthony Mackie was convicted late last week of driving while impaired in New York City. The Black or White star was present in a Manhattan criminal court when Judge Kevin McGrath handed down the guilty verdict in the daylong trial. Though Mackie opted not to testify, three NYPD officers took the stand and gave […]