Dr. Dre threatening to sue over Michel’le biopic

As soon as Lifetime and famed ’90’s R&B singer Michel’le announced that a TV biopic was going to be produced about her life, speculation began to arise about how much of her allegedly abusive past relationship with Dr. Dre would be covered in the film. And, like many assumed, the trailer for the upcoming film hints that fans will […]

Suge Knight threatening legal action against Michel’le biopic


Suge Knight has been in a world of legal trouble over the past year. Not only is he battling a murder case over a fatal hit and run, but he’s also still suing Chris Brown over his claims that Brown is the reason that he was shot at a nightclub in 2014. With so much on Knight’s plate, […]

Lil Mo has choice words about Michel’le’s biopic

For a long time, Lil Mo and Michel’le seemed to be close friends on “R&B Divas LA.” But during the third season of the show, a rift seemed to form between the two and nearly caused the end of their friendship. By the end of the season, it looked like the two were finally beginning […]