Rutgers new coach, Eddie Jordan, doesn’t have a college degree?

The jury is still out on this one. But it turns out that Rutgers University’s new head basketball coach, Eddie Jordan, known by NBA fans as “Fast Eddie,” does not have a degree from Rutgers. However, according to Deadspin, Jordan’s bio on Rutgers’ website incorrectly stated that he earned “a degree in health and physical […]

Mike Rice: The many faces of the former Rutgers coach

Though Rutgers University has recently announced that their “fiery” basketball coach, Mike Rice, is no longer a part of the team, we have plenty of great times to remember. Over the years, Rice has been known to catch a case or two over his temper tantrums, but after the release of a compilation video of Rutgers’ basketball […]

Rutgers coach Mike Rice physically abuses basketball players

Rutgers may have found the problem to their less than stellar record.  The University‘s Men’s basketball coach Mike Rice is taking the term” whipping them into shape” literally.  Known for his “fiery” coaching style, master Rice mentors the college-age men through constant verbal abuse, sporadic yokes, and random basketball attacks.  Before this recent release of practice footage […]