Big K.R.I.T. discusses health, hip-hop and the power to ‘pick yourself up’

On Dec. 6, Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T.  joined Shanti Das, mental health advocate for Silence the Shame, for a discussion during the “Music, Mindset, and Motivation” event. Held at The Gathering Spot in Atlanta, the two focused on mental health and addiction, issues that they have both struggled with in the past. Prior to the […]

Kristin Sutton will help you change your mind about money

kristin sutton

Rolling out always aims to share authentic success tips and tools from entrepreneurs and this week we sat down with Kristin Sutton. She is a personal finance coach who’s appropriately known as “the money therapist” because she empowers young women to take control of their finances by changing the way they think about money. As a […]

You’re not a fake: 3 ways to get over the impostor syndrome

How do you get over the impostor syndrome? First, say this and accept it as being true: I am good enough. Got it? Great. Being in business in today’s society can be amazing yet intimidating. Too many of us end up living our lives through others and setting unrealistic goals based on the things we […]