‘Buckwild’ star reported missing; other troubles on the show

It seems as if being on the controversial show “Buckwild” is tantamount to bad luck. One of the stars of he popular MTV reality show, Shain Gandee, has been reported missing after going on an off-roading trip with his uncle. They have yet to be seen or heard from since. The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office in […]

MTV Cancels ‘Jersey Shore’; 5 Reasons It Got the Ax

“Jersey Shore” is now sleeping with the fishes. MTV announced that they are cancelling the ratings-busting, fist-pumping, bar-hopping show “Jersey Shore’”, the brain-dead program that celebrated spray-on tans, greased-down hair and vulgar behavior. Soon after its December 9 premiere featuring twentysomething “guidos,” ‘Jersey Shore’ quickly ignited critical disdain yet became the most-watched series episode in […]

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